GK Serie

Minimum space, maximum capacity.

GK series heat exchangers meet the expectations of the ever-increasing demand for environmentally friendly, energy efficient cooling and heating systems. The new plate design of this heat exchanger generates higher turbulence in the channels, improves heat transfer and increases the efficiency. This heat exchanger is therefore ideal when a limited amount of space is available and maximum capacity is required.


Type Standard dimensions (mm)
Plate heat exchanger A B C D Max. number of plates
GK… 108H 74 204 40 170 50
GK… 228H 90 328 43 279 50
GK… 550M/H 124 532 73 478 100
GK… 770M/H 278 539 200 436 200
Also available as an advanced evaporator with a special “Delta InjectionTM“ distribution system for the refrigerant inlet.
GK… 550H-AE 124 532 73 478 100
GK… 770H-AE 278 539 200 460 200


Heat exchangers from the GK series are used for, among other things

District heating
Heat pumps
Heat recovery
Hot water


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