Not only brazed heat exchangers…

About Kapp

Besides offering many types of brazed heat exchangers, we can also help you with virtually any other type of heat exchanger. We supply plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, fully welded heat exchangers and air heat exchangers, ranging from 1 kW to tens of MW, from 0.1 m2 to hundreds of m2. Are you looking for an industrial heat exchanger? Please visit or contact us directly.

You are not finding the answers you are looking for? offers a wide range of brazed heat exchangers. However, if you are struggling to find the solution that suits your needs, just contact us: We consider as an online specialty shop, with specific products and specialists who can answer all your questions. If a brazed heat exchanger is not suitable for your application, we can offer you many alternatives.

“When you deal with us you will not always get what you ask for, but always what you need.”

Why Kapp?

Because at Kapp you will be supported by fast, smart, and friendly specialists. We take your specific wishes into account to select the most suitable heat exchanger for your application, without any obligation. In addition, we have a large stock of heat exchangers that we can deliver to you within just a few working days.

Our approach

Kapp is een onconventioneel en doortastend engineeringbureau op het gebied van warmteoverdracht. Door de kennis die we hebben van de totale procesindustrie, kunnen we verder gaan dan wie ook. We ontwerpen en plannen, we produceren en construeren. En we gaan pas weg als alles werkt. Ons allerhoogste doel is dat de markt niet alleen weet wie we zijn en wat we doen, maar vooral hoe we dat doen. Want in onze aanpak zit het verschil. Als die erkend wordt, maken we onze ambitie waar.

How can we help you?

Would you like to talk to people who know the installation sector and industry and who know everything about heat transfer? We are happy to help you. Call or email us!