DW Serie

Double separation for extra safety

The DW-Series heat exchanger consists of a double-walled plate pack. The system is equipped with two stainless steel plates instead of one, whereby the second wall not only separates the media from each other but also makes leaks visible. This ensures that mixing of the media from the primary and secondary side in the event of a leak becomes impossible. With the DW-series, Kelvion offers reliability, efficiency, and the highest safety standards in one product. For installations required to meet KIWA requirements, a double separated heat exchanger (above 45 kW) is mandatory.


Type Standard dimensions (mm)
Plate heat exchanger A B C D Max. number of plates
GBS-DW 400H 124 335 73 281 100
GBS-DW 500H 124 532 73 478 100
GBH-DW 400H 124 335 73 281 100
GBH-DW 500H 124 532 73 478 100


Heat exchangers from the DW series are used for, among other things:

Hot water
Oil coolers


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